The 9 Best Treehouse Rentals in Oklahoma [Updated 2024] – Exploring Escape (2024)

Welcome to our curated guide featuring the best treehouse rentals in Oklahoma, where eco-friendly architecture meets luxury camping!

As avid adventurers and enthusiasts of eco-friendly living, my partner and I embarked on a month-long quest this summer, delving into the heart of Oklahoma’s natural beauty. Our mission? To uncover the most extraordinary treehouse rentals – a perfect fusion of sustainable living and nature retreats. From the idyllic, secluded spots perfect for a romantic getaway to family-friendly havens and luxury cabins, Oklahoma’s landscape offered a myriad of treehouse experiences.

Narrowing Down Oklahoma’s Best

We tapped into local insights, consulted travel experts, and scoured the internet to compile a list of the top treehouse rentals. The criteria? Stunning scenic views, top-notch amenities, eco-friendly architecture, and an overall immersive nature connection.

Our Promise: Quality and Value in Every Recommendation

We’re not just sharing a list but providing a gateway to unforgettable experiences. Each treehouse rental we’ve included is a testament to our commitment to sustainable and innovative lodging. Whether you’re seeking a peaceful retreat amidst nature or an adventurous outdoor escape, our curated list promises an unparalleled back-to-nature experience.

Ready for a Treehouse Adventure in Oklahoma?

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Luxury Water View Treehouse for Two: A Serene Romantic Treehouse in Oklahoma

The 9 Best Treehouse Rentals in Oklahoma [Updated 2024] – Exploring Escape (1)

Source: Luxury Water View Treehouse

Nestled beside the picturesque Eufaula Lake, the Luxury Water View Treehouse is a beacon of romantic ambiance and eco-friendly luxury. This exquisite treehouse rental, among Oklahoma’s finest, offers a harmonious blend of nature and comfort. With its vaulted ceilings, oversized bay windows, and spacious interiors featuring a cozy queen bed, this haven is a masterpiece of sustainable building practices and minimalist design.

Embrace the Outdoors: A Symphony of Nature and Comfort

The treehouse’s large deck, complete with an outdoor grill, became our sanctuary. We spent evenings grilling under the stars, relaxing by the fire pit, and soaking in the scenic lake views. The jacuzzi tub, nestled amidst the serene backdrop of Eufaula Lake and its natural surroundings, added a layer of relaxation to our stay.

Full-Service Luxury at Your Fingertips

Boasting a comprehensive concierge service, this treehouse elevates your stay with personalized experiences. From organizing invigorating hikes and horseback rides to fishing adventures, they cater to every whim, ensuring a unique vacation experience.

Why This Treehouse Rental Tops Our List:

  • Location: Perched by Eufaula Lake, the treehouse offers stunning views, promising a peaceful retreat and various forest and lake activities.
  • Amenities: A fully-equipped kitchen, a pristine queen bed, an expansive deck, and a luxurious outdoor jacuzzi tub are just the beginning.
  • Service: The exceptional concierge service stands ready to enhance your adventure travel experience with tailored activities and support.

Experience the Best of Treehouse Living in Oklahoma

While this treehouse rental ticks all the boxes for a top-tier stay, we noticed some areas for improvement. The water pressure can fluctuate due to the location’s altitude, and a furniture update could add to the luxury feel.

Pros and Cons: A Balanced View


  • Venture on a rejuvenating hike through lush forests.
  • Indulge in a relaxing soak in the jacuzzi with your favorite book and a glass of wine.
  • Engage in kayaking, fishing, and swimming activities at the lake.
  • Revel in picturesque lake views as you fire up the grill on the spacious deck.


  • Occasional low water pressure, a common trait at higher altitudes.

Luxury Water View Treehouse for 2*Privacy*Jazcuzzi Tub*Perfect Lake Getaway – Longtown (

BIGFOOT’S TREEHOUSE: The Ultimate Group Getaway on Eufaula Lake

The 9 Best Treehouse Rentals in Oklahoma [Updated 2024] – Exploring Escape (2)

Source: Bigfoots Treehouse rentals Oklahoma

BIGFOOT’S TREEHOUSE, a gem among Eufaula Lake treehouse rentals, offers an exceptional stay for groups and friends. This two-bedroom, one-bathroom haven comfortably accommodates up to six guests, making it a prime choice for those seeking a unique accommodation experience in Oklahoma.

A Perfect Blend of Comfort and Nature

The treehouse, featuring a cozy kitchenette and well-appointed bedrooms, provides the comforts of home amidst the splendor of nature. The master bedroom boasts a queen-sized bed, while the second bedroom offers a full-sized twin bed and bunk, catering to couples and families.

Unwind in the Great Outdoors

Our weekend at BIGFOOT’S TREEHOUSE was filled with memorable outdoor moments. From basking in the warmth of the fire pit to relaxing on outdoor benches, dining at picnic tables, and swaying in hammock chairs, every element was designed for leisure and connection with nature. The property’s nature trail presents a rich tapestry of wildlife, offering sightings of armadillos, raccoons, deer, and a variety of birds, highlighting the beauty of eco-friendly structures and nature retreats.

Why BIGFOOT’S TREEHOUSE is a Must-Visit:

  1. Outdoor Activities: Surrounded by walking trails and lush forest, this treehouse serves as an ideal hideaway for outdoor enthusiasts, offering activities like BBQ, picnicking, and relaxing in hammocks.
  2. Amenities: The treehouse is equipped with all the necessities for a comfortable stay, including private bedrooms and a modern bathroom, ensuring a cozy atmosphere.
  3. Connection with Nature: Its location amidst rich flora and fauna makes it a haven for nature lovers.

Balancing Privacy and Proximity

While BIGFOOT’S TREEHOUSE scores high on comfort and natural beauty, it’s important to note that the Hummingbird treehouse is located about 50 yards away, offering a slightly communal aspect to the stay.

Pros and Cons: Your Guide to BIGFOOT’S TREEHOUSE


  • Discover the diversity of the surrounding pine and hardwood forest.
  • Delight in outdoor dining and BBQ in the well-equipped picnic area.
  • Experience star-gazing by the fire pit, adding to a back-to-nature experience.
  • Savor tranquil evenings on the balcony, immersed in the natural setting.


  • Proximity to the nearest neighbors in another rental may affect privacy.
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BIGFOOT’S TREEHOUSE – Treehouses for Rent in Eufaula, Oklahoma, United States – Airbnb

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Bluebird Treehouse in Big Cedar Wilderness: A Romantic Escape Amidst Nature

The 9 Best Treehouse Rentals in Oklahoma [Updated 2024] – Exploring Escape (3)

Source: Bluebird Treehouse Big Cedar

The Bluebird Treehouse at Big Cedar Wilderness Cabins offers couples a tranquil, romantic haven. My partner and I were captivated by this newly-built treehouse, perfectly nestled within the Ouachita National Forest. Surrounded by a serene pine and hardwood forest, this one-bedroom, one-bathroom abode comfortably sleeps up to four, making it an ideal choice for a romantic getaway or a small family retreat.

Luxury and Nature in Harmony

From the majestic king-size bed and queen-bed sleeper sofa to the rustic yet modern cabin decor, every detail of the Bluebird Treehouse speaks of comfort and style. The secluded location, bathed in the tranquility of the forest, provides a peaceful backdrop for a memorable stay.

Embrace Outdoor Living

The well-equipped kitchen, outdoor grill, and fire pit enhanced our stay. The fire pit was perfect for evenings spent under the stars. The hot tub and swing bed on the lower deck were the highlight of our experience, offering a unique way to relax and connect with nature.

Exploring the Beauty of the National Forest

The natural beauty of the Ouachita National Forest was at our doorstep, with numerous hiking trails revealing the forest’s vibrant wildlife. A short trip to Whitesboro allowed us to indulge in the local culinary delights at The Sassy Kitchen, adding a delightful twist to our nature retreat.

Why Choose Bluebird Treehouse for Your Next Getaway:

  1. New Interior: Enjoy this newly constructed cabin’s fresh, modern amenities, including top-of-the-line appliances and stylish furnishings.
  2. Prime Location: Situated in the heart of the Ouachita National Forest, this retreat is a gateway to outdoor adventures like hiking, bird watching, and biking.
  3. Outdoor Activities: Immerse yourself in nature with the property’s hot tub, swing bed, hammocks, grill, and bonfire area – perfect for a back-to-nature experience.

Pros and Cons: A Balanced Perspective


  • Relax in the hot tub, surrounded by the lush beauty of the forest.
  • Wake up to birdsong and enjoy your morning coffee on the private balcony.
  • Embark on hiking adventures in the wildlife-rich national forest.
  • Gather around the bonfire for an evening of marshmallow roasting and star-gazing.


  • Proximity to another treehouse rental may impact the sense of total seclusion.

Bluebird Treehouse Big Cedar Wilderness Cabins – Treehouses for Rent in Whitesboro, Oklahoma, United States – Airbnb

Crooked Pine Cabin: The Luxury Honeymoon Cabin with Hot Tub on the Deck by RedAwning (Located in Broken Bow)

The 9 Best Treehouse Rentals in Oklahoma [Updated 2024] – Exploring Escape (4)

Source: Crooked Pine Cabin Treehouse rentals in Oklahoma

Crooked Pine Cabin, proudly nestled in Broken Bow, presents a picturesque retreat ideal for romantic getaways and honeymoons. This exclusive two-bedroom, two-bathroom treehouse rental combines the essence of a luxury stay with the enchanting beauty of nature, making it an ideal choice for couples seeking a special, intimate experience.

A Symphony of Comfort and Natural Elegance

The cabin’s master bedroom, adorned with a sumptuous king-size bed, opens onto a stunning covered balcony. This serene outdoor space, complete with a hot tub and cozy sitting area, offers a private haven for relaxation and romance. The cabin’s open floor plan amplifies the sense of spaciousness, uniting the living and dining areas with an air of elegance.

Culinary Delights in a Forest Setting

Our stay was enriched by the cabin’s beautiful, fully equipped kitchen, where we enjoyed preparing meals both indoors and outdoors in the BBQ area. The surrounding views of lush trees created a calming, natural setting that soothed our senses.

Why Crooked Pine Cabin Should Be Your Romantic Getaway Choice:

  1. Amenities: Indulge in the luxury of a fully equipped kitchen, two full bathrooms, a covered deck with an outdoor eating area, and an intimate hot tub.
  2. Interior Comfort: The cabin’s interior, with its rustic wood paneling, large windows, and open floor plan, exudes a warm, welcoming ambiance.
  3. Secluded Location: Tucked away in the tranquility of nature, the cabin offers access to trails and forests, ensuring a peaceful escape from city life and other rentals.

A Perfect Retreat for Love and Serenity

Crooked Pine Cabin is an idyllic sanctuary for couples, providing an exquisite blend of modern comforts and natural charm. However, guests should be prepared for the challenging access, as the road leading to the cabin is steep and may be in less-than-ideal condition.

Pros and Cons: An Honest Look at Crooked Pine Cabin


  • Experience tranquility in the hot tub under the starry sky.
  • Venture into the surrounding woods for bird-watching and nature exploration.
  • Enjoy the romance of cooking and dining al fresco.
  • Unwind on the porch swing, immersed in the sounds of nature.


  • Access to the cabin can be challenging due to steep and rough road conditions.

Crooked Pine with Swing and Hot Tub, Broken Bow – Updated 2023 Prices (

A Tree House Cabin on Skiatook Lake: Your Lakeside Escape in Oklahoma

The 9 Best Treehouse Rentals in Oklahoma [Updated 2024] – Exploring Escape (5)

Source: A Tree House Cabin on Skiatook Lake

A Tree House Cabin on Skiatook Lake offered us the ideal blend of lakeside serenity and access to vibrant local attractions. This location was perfect for a mix of relaxation and exploration, making it a top choice for those seeking a unique vacation experience near water.

A Haven of Lakeside Activities and Cultural Excursions

Our stay was accentuated by the cabin’s proximity to Skiatook Lake, allowing us to indulge in water activities like boating and kayaking. Additionally, the location provided easy access to enriching cultural spots like the Tulsa Air and Space Museum & Planetarium, Keystone Lake, and the Philbrook Museum of Art, making it an excellent choice for a nature connection combined with urban exploration.

Comfort and Views in a Cozy Setting

The treehouse cabin, featuring a loft bedroom and a small yet functional kitchen, was a cozy retreat for two, despite being able to accommodate up to six people. The gas grill on the property added to our outdoor living experience. The most captivating aspect was undoubtedly the back porch, offering stunning views of Skiatook Lake, framed by majestic trees.

Why Choose This Skiatook Lake Treehouse:

  • Location: Situated directly on Skiatook Lake, the cabin is a haven for water sports enthusiasts and those seeking a scenic location.
  • Nearby Activities: The cabin’s location allows for quick trips to notable attractions, offering a diverse range of experiences from nature to culture.
  • Lake Views: The cabin’s deck provides breathtaking views of the lake, perfect for a romantic ambiance or a peaceful retreat.

A Lakeside Property with Urban Proximity

This treehouse rental stands out as an excellent option for those who prefer a lakeside stay with the convenience of city amenities. Its setting in a quiet neighborhood by the lake offers a unique balance of seclusion and accessibility.

Pros and Cons: A Comprehensive Overview

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  • Revel in the uninterrupted lakefront views from your private deck.
  • Engage in boating or kayaking adventures on Skiatook Lake.
  • Enjoy a pet-friendly environment, welcoming your furry companions.
  • Explore nearby attractions for a well-rounded vacation experience.


  • Limited kitchenware and a shortage of towels and blankets were noted during our stay.

A Tree House Cabin on Skiatook Lake – Osage County

The Hummingbird Treehouse: A Cozy Retreat in the Heart of Nature

The 9 Best Treehouse Rentals in Oklahoma [Updated 2024] – Exploring Escape (6) The Hummingbird treehouse rentals Oklahoma

The Hummingbird Treehouse, nestled within the lush landscapes of Oklahoma, emerges as a charming destination for couples and small groups. This romantic treehouse, accommodating up to four guests, shares the property with Bigfoot’s Treehouse, offering a unique opportunity to enjoy a community-like atmosphere while retaining privacy.

Compact Luxury in a Rustic Setting

Spanning 150 square feet, the Hummingbird Treehouse is a masterclass in efficient design. The master bedroom, with its plush queen-size bed, ensures comfort, complemented by a loft and a spacious bathroom equipped with a walk-in shower. The interior’s red cedar walls and stained glass windows add a touch of rustic elegance, while the spacious balcony offers sweeping mountain views and a chance to immerse in the natural beauty.

An Outdoor Haven for Nature Lovers

The treehouse’s outdoor area is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. The property features a scenic walking trail, a cozy bonfire area with camp chairs, a charcoal grill, hammocks, and more, encouraging guests to engage in a back-to-nature experience.

Why The Hummingbird Treehouse is a Must-Visit:

  1. Outdoor Space: The treehouse is enveloped by forest, offering ample opportunities for hiking, relaxing on spacious decks, and enjoying scenic views.
  2. Amenities: Equipped with a private backyard, an outdoor eating area, a grill, and a balcony, the treehouse ensures a comfortable stay with essential amenities.
  3. Host Hospitality: Richard and Becky, the hosts, enhance the stay with their quick responses and accommodating nature.

Pros and Cons: Your Guide to a Perfect Stay


  • Dine amidst nature at the picnic table surrounded by trees and birds.
  • Enjoy a tranquil evening by the bonfire, stargazing into the night.
  • Grill your favorite meals on the private balcony, soaking in the mountainous landscape.
  • Unwind in hammocks, perfect for a lazy afternoon with a book or a glass of wine.


  • The lack of a washing machine and Wi-Fi might pose an inconvenience for longer stays or those needing connectivity.

The Hummingbird Treehouse – Treehouses for Rent in Eufaula, Oklahoma, United States – Airbnb

OK Treehouse – Best Treehouse Rental in Oklahoma City

The 9 Best Treehouse Rentals in Oklahoma [Updated 2024] – Exploring Escape (7)

Source: OK Treehouse Oklahoma City

Nestled in the bustling heart of Oklahoma City, the OK Treehouse presents a delightful juxtaposition of urban living and natural charm. Ideal for solo travelers or couples, this unique tiny house rental is situated in a certified wildlife garden, offering a tranquil escape without leaving the city.

A Blend of Urban Convenience and Natural Beauty

This Oklahoma City gem provided us with an intimate experience where modern city life meets the tranquility of nature. The cozy sleeping area, with its snug double bed, was perfect for us, though it might be more suited for single guests seeking a peaceful retreat.

Outdoor Living in the City

The treehouse boasts an impressive outdoor shower and kitchenette, ideal for summer stays. Its construction from reused wood and organic, beautifully decorated interior creates an ambiance that makes you forget you’re in the heart of a city. The lovely yard, complete with an outside table, chairs, and fire pits, invites guests to relax and unwind.

Why OK Treehouse is a Must-Visit in Oklahoma City:

  • Location: Located in Oklahoma City, the treehouse provides easy access to the city’s unique bars, restaurants, and museums, perfect for adventure travel and urban exploration.
  • Unique Experience: With its handmaid construction and accommodations, the OK Treehouse offers a one-of-a-kind creative hospitality solution.
  • Beautiful Garden Space: As part of a certified Wildlife Garden, the treehouse is surrounded by lush plants and offers a serene environment, especially captivating in late spring.

Pros and Cons: A Thoughtful Overview


  • Immerse yourself in city life while retreating to a unique treehouse.
  • Enjoy evening bonfires, creating a sense of seclusion in the woods.
  • Relax in the beautiful garden and outdoor seating area, a perfect spot for reading or contemplation.
  • Take advantage of the outdoor shower for a refreshing experience on warm evenings.


  • While it can accommodate two, the treehouse is ideally suited for solo travelers for optimal comfort.

OK Treehouse – Treehouses for Rent in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States – Airbnb

Full Nest Family Treehouse – Best Elevated Family Treehouse Cabin with lake views [on Lake Eufaula]

The 9 Best Treehouse Rentals in Oklahoma [Updated 2024] – Exploring Escape (8)

Source: Full Nest family treehouse

The Full Nest Family Treehouse, perched beside the picturesque Lake Eufaula, offered us a splendid blend of luxury and nature. Perfect for families or couples like us, this elevated treehouse cabin is a testament to sustainable living and modern comfort, featuring spacious and luxurious furnishings, complete with granite countertops and all the essential appliances.

A Gateway to Waterfront Adventures

Situated directly on Lake Eufaula, the treehouse provided immediate access to a plethora of water activities. Our stay was enriched with kayaks and paddleboards provided by the owners, allowing us to explore the lake at our leisure. The natural beauty of the area was further highlighted by the well-maintained hiking trails and a grassy area ideal for picturesque picnics.

Why Full Nest Family Treehouse Stands Out:

  • Lake Views and Activities: The cabin’s location on Lake Eufaula means guests can enjoy kayaking, paddleboarding, and boat rentals, right at their doorstep.
  • Oversized Patio: The spacious outdoor seating and BBQ area invite guests to savor meals while basking in the stunning lake views.
  • Home-like Amenities: The treehouse is equipped with modern luxuries and an open-space living area, ensuring a comfortable and memorable stay.

An Ideal Choice for Families and Couples

This treehouse rental is a highlight on our list, offering a perfect balance of adventure and relaxation. However, some minor repairs and maintenance, such as fixing door handles and furniture, would enhance the overall experience.

Pros and Cons: Insights into the Full Nest Family Treehouse


  • Relish the breathtaking lake views from the expansive deck.
  • Embark on kayaking adventures on the tranquil waters of Lake Eufaula.
  • Cook and enjoy romantic meals in the well-equipped, spacious kitchen.
  • Explore the surrounding nature on scenic hiking trails.


  • Some wear and tear on the furniture and fixtures indicate a need for minor repairs.

Full Nest FamilyTreehouse -Never Ending Lake Views – Treehouses for Rent in Stigler, Oklahoma, United States – Airbnb

Bird’s Nest Tree House – A Luxurious Escape near Turner Falls and Davis

The 9 Best Treehouse Rentals in Oklahoma [Updated 2024] – Exploring Escape (9)

Source: Bird’s Nest Tree House

The Bird’s Nest Tree House presents an idyllic retreat, blending modern luxury with the natural beauty of Oklahoma. This open-concept studio treehouse, equipped with a plush king-size bed and elegant living amenities, is tailored for couples seeking a romantic and luxurious escape.

A Panoramic View of Nature’s Splendor

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The treehouse offers breathtaking views of the Arbuckle Mountains and the surrounding lush forest from its large windows. The highlight of our stay was the unique bathroom experience, featuring a pebble stone walk-in shower and a bathtub with oversized windows, allowing for a serene connection with nature while you relax.

Immersive Nature Experience on a Sprawling Property

Set on 70 acres of beautiful land, the treehouse’s location is unbeatable. Just a few miles from Turner Falls and the quaint city of Davis, it offers the perfect balance of secluded tranquility and convenient access to local attractions, including the Chickasaw Cultural Center and recreational activities in the Arbuckle Mountains.

Why Bird’s Nest Tree House is Among the Best in Oklahoma:

  • Location: Proximity to Davis and Turner Falls park, ideal for exploring the city, stunning natural views, and outdoor activities like hiking and biking.
  • Interior Design: The treehouse’s spacious, open-concept design is complemented by luxury amenities and elegant details for a pampered stay.
  • Amenities: Featuring a stunning bathtub, pebble stone shower, electric fireplace, and comfortable king-size bed, this treehouse provides all the essentials for a luxury retreat.

An Exquisite Getaway with a Touch of Adventure

Bird’s Nest Tree House is one of our favorite romantic treehouse cabins, offering a perfect blend of luxury and nature. However, guests should note that the property houses three additional rentals and features many stairs, making it less suitable for children.

Pros and Cons: Navigating the Bird’s Nest Experience


  • Traverse the scenic mountain trails near the property for an adventurous experience.
  • Luxuriate in the bathtub, taking in the expansive forest and mountain views.
  • Discover the natural beauty of Turner Falls Park and indulge in the local charm of Davis.
  • Enjoy the diverse culinary and cultural offerings of the nearby town.


  • While the property ensures privacy, there are three other rentals on-site.
  • The presence of many stairs may pose a challenge for families with children.

Bird’s Nest Tree House-Minutes from Turner Falls! – Cabins for Rent in Davis, Oklahoma, United States – Airbnb

Wrapping Up: The Best Treehouses in Oklahoma

Oklahoma’s stunning natural beauty is a perfect backdrop for an array of exceptional treehouse rentals. From the serene waterside retreats at Lake Eufaula to the adventurous escapes near Turner Falls Park and the urban hideaways in downtown Oklahoma City, the state offers a diverse range of options.

A Treehouse for Every Traveler

Whether you’re planning a family vacation, a romantic getaway, or a unique break from daily life, our curated list of Oklahoma’s treehouses caters to every preference. With options perfect for any occasion – from luxury camping in secluded nature to creative projects in urban settings – there’s a treehouse waiting to transform your travel experience.

Our Commitment to Your Perfect Stay

In our quest to present the best-of-the-best, we meticulously researched and experienced these treehouses firsthand. Our aim? To ensure that each recommendation meets high standards of comfort, uniqueness, and connection with nature. This list is more than just a guide; it’s a gateway to diverse, unforgettable vacation experiences across Oklahoma.

Embark on Your Own Treehouse Adventure

So, whether you’re seeking a peaceful retreat amidst the woods, a luxurious stay with stunning views, or an adventure travel experience in the heart of a city, Oklahoma’s treehouses offer something special for everyone. We invite you to explore these hidden gems and find your perfect match for an extraordinary vacation.

Safe travels and memorable stays await you in Oklahoma’s finest treehouses!

Top Treehouse Stays in Oklahoma

NameSourceKey FeaturesProsConsLink
Luxury Water View Treehouse for TwoVrbo.comLocated on Eufaula lake, fully equipped kitchen, queen bed, large deck, outdoor grill jacuzzi tub, full concierge service.Relaxing hike, jacuzzi tub, lake activities, spacious deck.Water pressure can get low, needs furniture upgrades.Longtown (
BIGFOOT’S TREEHOUSEAirbnb.comTwo-bedroom, kitchenette, outdoor amenities, nature trail.Explore forest, outdoor table area, night fire, balcony views.Nearest neighbors 50 yards away.Airbnb
Bluebird Treehouse Big Cedar Wilderness CabinsAirbnb.comNew interior, Ouachita National Forest location, outdoor activities.Hot tub, hiking in national forest, bonfire under stars.Another treehouse nearby reduces privacy.Airbnb
Crooked Pine Cabin: The Luxury Honeymoon Cabinbooking.comTwo-bed, two-bath, master patio, open floorplan, fully equipped kitchen.Hot tub, bird-watching, outdoor dining, porch swing.Difficult access due to road condition.Broken Bow – Updated 2023 Prices (
A Tree House Cabin on Skiatook LakeVrbo.comLake location, loft bedroom, small kitchen, gas grill.Lakefront view, boating, pet-friendly, nearby attractions.Insufficient dishes, pans, towels, and blankets.Osage County


What’s the best treehouse hideaway rental in Oklahoma?

Oklahoma boasts a variety of exceptional treehouse hideaways. Bigfoot’s Treehouse is ideal for groups, accommodating up to six guests in a private forest setting. For a more romantic escape, The Hummingbird Treehouse offers an intimate experience for couples, surrounded by lush nature.

What’s the best lake Eufaula treehouse rental?

The Full Nest Family Treehouse is a standout choice on Lake Eufaula. It features breathtaking lake views, direct lake access, and an array of amenities including kayaks and paddleboards. Guests can also enjoy hiking trails, a campfire pit, and a picturesque picnic area.

What amenities do Oklahoma treehouse rentals have?

Oklahoma’s treehouse rentals vary from rustic to luxurious, offering amenities like fully equipped kitchens, comfortable bedrooms with king or queen-sized beds, and full bathrooms. Many also include hot tubs, fire pits, outdoor showers, and spacious decks. Each treehouse brings its unique charm and facilities, catering to a range of preferences and needs.

Are there any urban treehouse options in Oklahoma?

Yes, the OK Treehouse in Oklahoma City provides a unique stay for those seeking an urban twist. It’s a quaint, handcrafted space in a certified wildlife garden, offering a serene nature experience in the heart of the city, close to bars, restaurants, and museums.

Can families find suitable treehouse accommodations in Oklahoma?

Yes, The Full Nest Family Treehouse on Lake Eufaula is perfect for families, offering spacious accommodations, lake access, and activities like kayaking and hiking. Its oversized patio and outdoor amenities make it ideal for family enjoyment.

What Makes the Tree House Hideaway in Broken Bow, Oklahoma, and Eureka Springs, Arkansas, Stand Out?

The Tree House Hideaway in Broken Bow, Oklahoma, and Eureka Springs, Arkansas, offers a unique blend of wilderness adventure and luxury resort living. These treehouses often feature spa-like amenities, including hot tubs and luxurious furnishings. In Broken Bow, guests can enjoy proximity to Beavers Bend State Park, while Eureka Springs offers charming satellite towns with vibrant local culture. Expect modern comforts like satellite television, a fully-equipped kitchen, and an inviting living room area, all nestled within lush, serene settings.

How Do Airbnb Treehouses Near Turner Falls and Big Cedar Enhance the Outdoor Experience?

Airbnb treehouses near Turner Falls and Big Cedar provide an exceptional outdoor experience by combining rustic charm with modern amenities. Guests can indulge in various wilderness activities, such as hiking and fishing, while enjoying the comfort of amenities like a fully-functional kitchen, futon for extra sleeping space, and outdoor grills. These treehouses often feature unique architectural elements like lumber construction, offering a genuine back-to-nature feel. The proximity to Turner Falls and Big Cedar means guests are never far from exploring Oklahoma’s and Missouri’s natural beauty.

What Facilities Can Families and Couples Expect in Lake Eufaula Treehouse Hotels?

Lake Eufaula treehouse hotels cater to both families and couples, offering a range of facilities to enhance their stay. These accommodations typically include spacious rooms with comfortable beds, a living room with a couch, and sometimes even a clothes dryer for longer stays. For added luxury, many treehouses boast a balcony with ceiling-to-floor windows providing panoramic views of Lake Eufaula. For those seeking a romantic getaway, options like private hot tubs and resort-like services are common. Families can enjoy satellite television and outdoor activities, making these treehouses an ideal choice for a diverse vacation experience.

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The 9 Best Treehouse Rentals in Oklahoma [Updated 2024] – Exploring Escape (2024)


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