Lace Front Short Wigs: 2021’s Top 10 (2024)

Lace Front Short Wigs: 2021’s Top 10 (1)

The term lace front describes the area at the front of a wig or hair topper made of a thin, mesh-like material where hairs are hand-tied into the material. This effect gives you the most natural-looking scalp effect because the hairs look as if they are growing right out of the scalp! New and experienced wig wearers love lace front wigs because no other wig feature gives you a realistic look like lace fronts.

Best Short Lace Front Wigs

If you're a fan of lace front short wigs, then you've been spoiled with all the new wigs launched in 2021. With so many unique styles to choose from, we're here to showcase’s Top 10 short lace front wigs from the year!

1. Ignite Petite by Jon Renau

Ignite Petite by Jon Renau is the petite-cap version of the Jon Renau best-seller, Ignite. This short lace front wig has angled layers that can be styled sleek or textured. The heat-friendly synthetic fiber of Ignite makes this style look realistic with the help of the gorgeous lace front. This cropped style is a client-favorite for a reason!

2. January Hand Tied by Jon Renau

Your favorite January wig from Jon Renau got an upgrade! Designed with the same effortless waves as its predecessor, January Hand-Tied has a 100% hand-tied cap for ultimate comfort and 4-way stretch. One of the favorite short curly lace front wigs from this year, January Hand-Tied is "a classic that got even better," said reviewer, Brahm.

3. Up Close & Personal by Raquel Welch

by Raquel Welch is a short, cropped wig with a feathered, textured bang. Accented with gentle waves, this heat-friendly synthetic wig has long layers that can be worn tucked behind the ears or swept off the face. When wearing this style off-the-face, you’ll reveal a gorgeous, virtual invisible lace front hairline.

4. Link by Ellen Wille

Link by Ellen Wille is a lace front short wig that became available early in 2021. With a mini lace front and monofilament part, this tousled pixie wig has a long side-swept fringe that offers styling versatility. Customize the feathered layers with some BeautiMark Shaping Creme to personalize your lightweight look.

5. Heard It All by Raquel Welch

Heard It All is supremely natural-looking because of the lace front hairline that extends to the ear tabs. This heat-friendly synthetic wig tapers at the extended nape making this style both classic and fresh. This wig is unique compared to others in this list because it has a Memory Cap III construction. A Memory Cap III has a flexible, silicone lining along the back and sides for added security for those experiencing hair loss.

6. Carrie Lite by Jon Renau

As the only short lace front, human hair bob wigs launched in 2021, Carrie Lite by Jon Renau has quickly become a new favorite! Made with the same stunning Remy human hair as its predecessor, Carrie Lite has a new innovative cap design featuring a 100% hand-tied cap, full monofilament top, and ear-to-ear lace front. Carrie Lite wearer and reviewer JK, says "Don't hesitate. It's GORGEOUS. Omg. The feel of that hair, the lightweight under this Florida sun. Absolutely perfect." We couldn't agree more!

7. Satin by Ellen Wille

New to the Hair Society Collection, Satin by Ellen Wille is an elegant pixie wig with an extended lace front. The Hair Society Collection styles are designed with women with partial to total hair loss in mind. Using only the most comfortable cap materials, you can expect the most natural and comfortable caps with the highest level of workmanship. We can see why our clients love Satin this year.

8. Shane by Rene of Paris

Shane by Rene of Paris is a short lace front bob wig with an a-line cut. With front layers that graze the cheekbones and jawline, this synthetic style has natural volume in the crown that provides a pleasing silhouette. Available in vibrant fantasy colors, the light-medium hair density and lace part make Shane beautiful and easy to wear.

9. Emy by Amore

This year,we'veloved angled bob wigs with tapered napes, and Emy by Amore is another lace front favorite. Amore designs wigs with medical wig wearers in mind, so Emy has a double monofilament top that provides an additional soft layer that touches the scalp making this style comfortable for those with sensitive skin.

10. Gala by Ellen Wille

Launching later in 2021, Gala by Ellen Wille has quickly become a favorite because of its easy-going nature. This tousled 'do features an extended lace front, double monofilament top, partially hand-tied cap, and realistic hair density. Gala will have you feeling ultra-comfortable and looking supremely natural.

If you’re a fan of lace front long wigs, you’re in luck! Check out the best long lace front wigs from 2021 here.

Lace Front Short Wigs: 2021’s Top 10 (2024)


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