How To Assign Prisoners To A Canteen (2024)

1. Canteen - Prison Architect Wiki

  • The canteen is a common eating area for Prisoners. A canteen in a staff-only sector becomes a staff canteen (see below), used by Guards.

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2. I Cant assign prisoners to the canteen | Paradox Interactive Forums

  • Mar 17, 2020 · Unlock Logistics (if you already haven't) and go to Food Distribution. Connect the kitchen with canteen (if necessary) and cell blocks with ...

  • i don't know why its happening because i see other people play the game and it works just fine

3. Canteen | Prison Architect Wiki - Fandom

  • Assigning multiple canteens/cell blocks to one kitchen/laundry/canteen: Hold SHIFT while left-clicking each destination. Security. When building a canteen, keep ...

  • Canteens are central locations of a facility where large groups of prisoners will congregate to attain food and satisfy their hunger. It is arguably one of the most important rooms needed to sustain a functioning prison with moderately happy inmates. All food provided for prisoners is prepared by your cooks, and/or prisoners if using prison labour. Canteens should be built near kitchens so that cooks carrying prepared food will not have to travel far, thus improving the overall efficiency. Ensur

4. I can not assing manually a cell block to a canteen

5. How to Assign Prisoners to a Canteen - Prison Architect - Trusty Game Guide

  • Oct 5, 2022 · The first step is to use bureaucracy to unlock micromanagement, Once researched it unlocks advanced features that allow you to have control over ...

  • Advance management will guide prisoners to the set canteens and help with prisoner safety. There are a few steps to a well run prisoner canteen assignment. Requirements The first step is to use bureaucracy to unlock micromanagement, Once researched it unlocks advanced features that allow you to have control over which cell blocks use which

6. Food distribution logistics & multiple canteens - Introversion

  • May 23, 2016 · Zip up your prison and put it on dropbox or some other file hosting place. The only thing that comes to mind for me is insufficient kitchen ...

  • I attempted to search google and these forums, but have come up empty on how you're supposed to do this, only that you're able to. I don't understand how one is supposed to assign a kitchen to multiple canteens and/or nurseries. When you first make a kitchen and multiple canteens, or before you have unlocked Micromanagement, the kitchen is automatically assigned to serve all of your canteens/nurseries. However, once you mess around with it in any way, there does not seem to be a way to get it back to normal.

7. how do you handle supermax prisoners? - The Introversion Forums

  • Dec 13, 2015 · with mine I've created their own place down the bottom complete with small kitchen and canteen, yard, common room, solitary and a shower ...

  • you can feed them individually, each cell door needs to exit to an outdoor area other wise it will consider it as one block, getting food delivered not sure

8. Nursery | Prison Architect Wiki - Fandom

  • The Nursery is an activity room and canteen for Female Prisoners with Babies. It should be placed near the prisons Family cells. Female Prisoners will spend ...

  • The Nursery is an activity room and canteen for Female Prisoners with Babies. It should be placed near the prisons Family cells. Female Prisoners will spend a lot of time in this room as well as eating there. Kitchens will be assigned to nursery automatically and deliver food there as if they were canteens. Nursery is a room that was introduced in update 2 along with Female Prisoners and Babies.

9. Kitchen - Prison Architect Wiki

  • In the Food Distribution view of the Logistics menu, you can assign which kitchens should serve which canteens and nurseries, and which canteens should serve ...

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10. [PDF] Inmate Canteen User Guide

  • How to Web Deposit to an Inmate: To deposit funds to an inmate through the website, please visit on a laptop or desktop computer. Use google ...

11. Prison Canteen Manager Series - CalHR -

  • Prison Canteen Managers are also responsible for the warehousing and storekeeping functions such as the receipt, storage, inventory, sales, and accountability ...

  • Series established February 20, 1974

12. Inmate Canteen - Inmate Commissary Items - Federal Prison Consultants

  • Jun 9, 2023 · How to Shop in the Inmate Commissary ... Inmates shop by submitting a Commissary Sales Sheet on their designated shopping day. This order form ...

  • Want to learn more about inmate canteens? Here we explain everything you need to know about inmate commissary and what you can buy in prison.

13. Institutions - Florida Department of Corrections

  • ... prisons/forestry camps, 1 basic training camp, 9 FDC operated work release ... Inmate Canteen Services Program · Inmate Menus · Death Row. Florida Department of ...

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14. Prison architect assign canteen - billatoy

  • Nov 20, 2022 · It allows the player to manually assign guards to all the sectors of your prison. Researching deployment unlocks its corresponding tab in the ...

  • Dogs were introduced into the game with the purpose of aiding the player in detecting smelly contraband and escape tunnels. Hiring a dog handler is the only way to obtain a guard dog. Guard dogs can...

How To Assign Prisoners To A Canteen (2024)


How do I assign prisoners to the canteen? ›

In the Food Distribution view of the Logistics menu, you can assign which kitchens should serve which canteens and nurseries, and which canteens should serve which cell blocks. This can be used to distribute the prisoners over various canteens nicely without having masses of them all at the same place.

How do I fix no prisoners assigned to this canteen? ›

Connect the kitchen with canteen (if necessary) and cell blocks with canteen. You can hold shift to connect multiple blocks to the same canteen. This should fix your issue.

How do you assign prisoners to work in a shop? ›

Logistics then prison labor. It will show white circles at the places where the prisoners can work. Click the room and when you press up(if I am correct) you add prisoners to that workplace. Make sure that at your regime, there is time to work.

How do you send birthday cards to prisoners? ›

Greeting cards are usually acceptable to send, although if posted by a loved one, the prison will photocopy the card and give it to the prisoner (for drug prevention reasons). Most prisons accept cards ordered via online companies, but you can check this with the family services team to avoid disappointment.

How do you assign prisoners to work in cleaning cupboards? ›

Prisoners can be assigned to cleaning work in the logistics ->Prison Labour menu. Consider adding Dog Patrol nearby as the Cleaning Cupboard is also a source for contraband. Locking the rooms to certain security sectors in the deployment screen will only allow prisoner said security level to work in the Cupboard.

What happens if an inmate refuses to eat? ›

A hunger strike ultimately produces physical consequences requiring medical attention. Prison authorities have only two choices: do nothing and allow the prisoner to die or force feed the inmate.

How do you stop prisoners from getting contrabanded? ›

Contraband in prisons
  1. using scanners and x-ray machines at entry points.
  2. extensive prison perimeter security.
  3. camera surveillance in prison visit rooms, along perimeter fences and at entry points.
  4. requiring prisoners to wear closed overalls when in visiting areas to prevent contraband being hidden on them.

When someone takes no prisoners? ›

wholeheartedly aggressive; zealous; gung-ho: a businessman with a take-no-prisoners attitude toward dealmaking.

How to make prisoners work in a workshop? ›

Prisoners must complete the Workshop Safety Induction Program before they may work in the Workshop, plus the Carpentry Apprenticeship Program to be able to make beds. They will be working in the workshop during work regime, if enough jobs are assigned there in the Prison Labour view of the Logistics menu.

Do prisoners get to choose to work? ›

Sentenced inmates are required to work if they are medically able.

How do you recruit prisoners as informants? ›

In order to recruit informants, a prisoner must be in solitary confinement and be available for recruitment. Click the Experience tab in the prisoner's profile to see if they can be recruited, if so, click "Recruit Informant".

How do you recruit inmates in the escapists? ›

If an inmate has an opinion of at least 80, the player may recruit that inmate by pressing "Q" while near them to fight alongside the player and later dismiss them if needed (you need at least 90 opinion on console for inmates to be recruited).

How do you minister to prisoners? ›

If you know someone who is incarcerated, consider writing them uplifting letters. Make safe, wise choices while communicating. Follow the Spirit and maintain appropriate boundaries. Treat the family members of those who are incarcerated—especially children—with love, respect, and inclusion.

How do I write to a specific prisoner? ›

If you already have a personal connection to someone incarcerated, you'll need their full name, the ID number they have been assigned by the department of corrections, and the full name and address of the facility where they are housed in order to mail a letter.

How is food provided for the prisoner? ›

While some prisons prepare their own food, many use staff from on-site catering companies. Some prisons support the dietary requirements of specific religions, as well as vegetarianism.


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