6 Great Spots For Shore Fishing On Saginaw Bay Near Bay Port, Michigan (2024)

Shore fishing on Saginaw Bay near Bay Port, Michigan, can be a delightful experience for the avid angler and the casual fisherman. The region offers a variety of fishing opportunities, from the calm waters of smaller inland lakes to the expansive shores of Saginaw Bay itself. Here are some notable spots where you can enjoy shore fishing in the area:

Discovering Shore Fishing On Saginaw Bay

Bay Port Public Access

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A great starting point for any fishing excursion in the area, the Bay Port Public Fishing Pier extends into Saginaw Bay, providing access to various fish species. It’s an ideal spot for anglers to catch perch, walleye, and smallmouth bass. The pier is well-maintained and offers ample space for casting lines.

Filion Road Public Access Mud Creek Fishing Site

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Mud Creek is a short drive from Bay Port and offers a more secluded fishing experience. It’s known for its excellent walleye and perch fishing. The area around Mud Creek is scenic, making it suitable for fishing and a pleasant place to spend the day outdoors. This area was also near the site of the mysterious religious colony Ora Labora, which had homesteaded the area in the 1860s.

Location and Access

Convenient Access: Located off Filion Road, this public access point is designed to allow anglers and outdoor enthusiasts to enter Mud Creek. Its designation as a public access site ensures it is maintained for public use, including fishing. This public access area allows good access for shore fishing on Saginaw Bay, however the shoreline is marshy and reed filled during the summer months.

Parking and Facilities: Typically, public access sites are equipped with basic amenities such as parking spaces. However, facilities like restrooms may vary, so it’s advisable to check ahead or plan accordingly.

Sebewaing River

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The Sebewaing River, flowing into Saginaw Bay, is accessible from several points along its banks. The Sebewaing County Park along the river is a hotspot for shore fishermen, especially during the spring and fall migrations of walleye and perch. Public access areas along the river offer good spots for casting a line.

Likewise, the south shoreline along the river occupied by Sebewaing Harbor Marina offers good fishing opportunities.

Caseville Municipal Harbor and Breakwall

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While primarily a boat harbor, the Caseville Municipal Harbor also has areas where shore fishing is possible. It’s an excellent place to fish for various species, and its proximity to amenities in Caseville makes it a convenient option for a day trip. This is one of the few spots where you are shore fishing on Saginaw Bay instead of fishing on a cut or river.

Caseville Municipal Harbor and it’s adjoining breakwall present a unique and accessible fishing opportunity within Michigan’s Thumb region, especially appealing to those looking for shore fishing spots. Here’s a detailed look at what makes Caseville Municipal Harbor and Breakwall a noteworthy destination for anglers:

Location and Accessibility

Nestled within the town of Caseville, the harbor is easily reachable and provides ample parking and facilities, making it a convenient spot for both local and visiting anglers. Its accessibility ensures that everyone, from beginners to experienced fishermen, can enjoy a day of fishing.

Variety of Fish Species

The waters around Caseville Harbor and the breakwall are known for a diverse array of fish, including perch, smallmouth bass, walleye, and northern pike. Its also a spot for burbot, like lake trout and salmon, are adapted to cold water, and thus most active in the winter. This variety allows anglers to target different species depending on the season and their preferences.

Fishing Environment

The breakwall, extending into Saginaw Bay, offers a strategic vantage point for fishing. Anglers can cast their lines into deeper waters where fish are likely to be found. The structure of the breakwall can attract fish, making it a potentially lucrative spot for shore fishing.

Amenities and Services

Caseville Municipal Harbor is well-equipped with amenities, including restrooms, picnic areas, and nearby restaurants, making it a comfortable spot for a full day of fishing. Bait shops in the area provide necessary supplies and the latest fishing reports, which can be crucial for a successful outing.

Wildfowl Bay – Wallace Cut

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This bay area, slightly to the north of Bay Port, is a shallow water haven for fish, making it an excellent spot for shore fishing. It’s primarily known for pike and perch. The surrounding wildlife area also offers a beautiful backdrop for a day of fishing. While acknowledged as a fishing spot, the Wallace Cut is on the property of the Bayshore Marina. The best practice is to ask for permission before setting up.

Bayshore Marina

Fishing Permission: Bayshore Marina, located near Wildfowl Bay, is a potential access point for anglers. Marinas often have specific rules regarding fishing from their property or docks. Some may allow it, while others may restrict fishing to boat owners or paying customers.

Inquiring at Bayshore Marina: The best approach is to directly contact Bayshore Marina to inquire about their policies on shore fishing. Bayshore Marina is located at 2612 Wallace Cut Bay Port, MI 48720. They can be contacted via phone at (989) 656-7191. They can provide up-to-date information on whether non-boaters can fish from the marina, any fees that may apply, and the best times or spots for fishing.

Fin & Feather Public Access & Boat Launch

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The Fin & Feather Club’s area near Saginaw Bay, especially around the DNR (Department of Natural Resources) Boat Launch on Pigeon Road, is excellent for those interested in shore fishing and boating activities. This location is particularly appealing for anglers looking to access Saginaw Bay’s rich fishing grounds without needing a boat. Here’s what makes it a noteworthy fishing destination:


The DNR Boat Launch on Pigeon Road is well-maintained, ensuring easy access for both boats and shore fishermen. This facility recognizes and supports the area’s fishing activities, enhancing the overall experience.

Variety of Fish

Saginaw Bay is known for its diverse fish population, including walleye, perch, smallmouth bass, and even northern pike. Shore fishing on Saginaw Bay at this location can expect a good chance of engaging with these species, particularly during peak seasons.

Ditch Fishing Areas Near Bay Port

Ditch fishing” in Michigan’s Thumb region, particularly along Saginaw Bay, refers to the practice of fishing in the various drainage ditches, canals, and small waterways that crisscross this area’s agricultural and natural landscapes. While perhaps not the first choice for some anglers, these ditches can offer surprisingly good fishing opportunities, especially for those searching for a quiet spot away from more crowded fishing locations.

Seagull Avenue Ditch Near Fish Point Wildlife Refuge & Thomas Marine

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The area around Fish Point Wildlife Refuge and near Thomas Marine, particularly along Seagull Avenue Ditch, represents a unique and potentially rewarding location for ditch fishing in Michigan’s Thumb region. This area, known for its rich natural habitats and proximity to Saginaw Bay, provides an excellent backdrop for anglers seeking the less conventional but fruitful experience of ditch fishing.

Kirk Road Ditch

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Just South of Fish Point is another ditch and cut that could be an opportunity for perch and smaller pan fish. The Kirk Road ditch leads directly into Saginaw Bay, which means there is high potential for bass and perch if the conditions are right.

When Shore Fishing on Saginaw Bay – Where To Stay Near Bay Port

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Wildfowl Bay Lodge, located near Bay Port, Michigan, offers a charming and family-operated lodging experience just off the scenic M-25. It’s described as a clean, affordable, and pet-friendly place. It is an attractive option for visitors exploring the area or engaging in outdoor activities like fishing and wildlife observation. The lodge provides motel rooms and cabins, catering to various preferences and group sizes. Its proximity to Wildfowl Bay and Saginaw Bay is well-positioned for those interested in fishing, boating, or simply enjoying the natural beauty of Michigan’s Thumb region.

The lodge can be reached at +1(989)-550-0778 for contact and more detailed information. It’s advisable to contact them directly for the most current information regarding availability, services, and any specific policies related to shore fishing access or other outdoor activities in the area.​

Video: Saginaw Bay Smallmouth and Walleye Fishing From Shore

Saginaw Bay Smallmouth and Walleye Fishing From Shore

Final Thoughts About Shore Fishing on Saginaw Bay

Before heading out, it’s essential to check the local fishing regulations and ensure you have a valid Michigan fishing license. Additionally, consider local bait shops for the latest fishing reports and tips on what’s biting. These shops are often the best source of up-to-date information on local fishing conditions. Fishing in Saginaw Bay near Bay Port offers a mix of beautiful natural scenery and ample fishing opportunities. Whether you’re a local or visiting, the area’s fishing spots provide a rewarding experience for anglers of all levels.

6 Great Spots For Shore Fishing On Saginaw Bay Near Bay Port, Michigan (2024)


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